About me

Jani is a Finland-based software developer with several years of experience in different kinds of international projects, most of which in a distributed team.

Jani has also a keen interest in Russia and Russian-speaking world. He has studied the Russian language since 2010, and lived and resided in Russia, mainly Saint Petersburg cumulatively for years.

Social media


JavOps Ltd

  • Founded 2020
  • Software design company
  • Develops Ampuma, a shooting logbook application for sport shooters

Walther Olof Labs

  • Active 2017-2021
  • Business history:
    • Dropshipping watches to consumers in Finland
    • Implementing simple website packages for microcompanies
    • Ampuma – a shooting logbook application for sport shooters
  • Business activities were migrated to JavOps Ltd during 2021